Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Fabrics

A lovely parcel arrived from the courier today. My stash builder pack from Pink Castle Fabrics. It is lucky that I get the parcels at all as the courier driver is terrified of the dog. As he rings the doorbell, our fat old golden labrador takes on a much younger and meaner persona, by barking in a deep angry bark and frightens the life out of Manu the Pakistani driver. He hurls the parcel at the front porch and then takes off back to his van as fast as he can. We have tried to tell him that the dog is 90 in dog years, and a complete pussy, but it makes no difference.
Anyway I got my parcel, it was full of lovely aqua fabrics. I only just joined this group, and seem to have an obsession with this blue green colour as my stash collection is at least 1/4 of this colour.
I have a queen quilt on the go for my bed, but I keep thinking of other things to make as well. 

That is the affliction of a compulsive quilter.

Finished Orange Lemon Lime Drunkards Path

I completed the OLL quilt over the weekend, but have been too busy in the garden to show you pictures. This quilt was great to make as it came together quickly, as the drunkard's path piece was easy to piece, then combined to make nice large blocks.

As I did the quilting as you go method too, the quilting was simple and was not bulky under the arm of the machine. This was enjoyable. My Bento Box quilt is pieced but I can't seem to get around to quilting that one, as the thought of moving the queen quilt under the machine is enough to put me off.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Road testing Orange Lemon and Lime Drunkards Path

The orange, lemon and lime quilt is almost done, but first it has to be road tested.....by the cat. She doesn't look happy here.
I don't have a design wall, I have a design bed, which is why Zali the cat loves it so much.  I tried to make it so that the bright orange quarter circles were distributed evenly, and the greys, where they meet are all different pattern. I nearly succeeded. There is one spot where there are the same pattern, but I'm not going to tell you where.
This quilt is even too big to lie flat on this bed. That is why I have used a QAYG method and  quilted the spirals separately. See my QAYG tutorial here.  I think it is a good trade off, as the back is not as perfect as I would like.

Monday, September 23, 2013

First Swim of the Season

Today we had our first swim of the season. It is early spring here, but the weather is warm, it is 28 degrees and sunny. Perfect beach weather. We only live 500m from the beach, 100m above it. With the ocean only at the bottom of the hill, there is really no excuse not to swim. We were pretty warm by the time we got to the beach, we stripped off and stood with our waves lapping our toes. My husband, went in first, he called me from beyond the breakers, "Come on in, it's fine", so trusting him, I waded out, it was cold, but I thought it was the temperature differential. I dived under, my breath was taken away, it was cold! I came out of the water with a shocked look on my face. "I lied", he laughed. I laughed too, it was wonderful, it makes me feel alive. We should all count our blessings every day.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orange Lemon and Lime Progress

I have now pieced all the drunkards path squares for the quilt. Each drunkard path square is 8 1/2. inches, then 4 of these are sewn together to form a big circle, 17 inches square.

The quilt is 5 x 5 big circles, making it big enough for a queen bed. Because it is this big, I. Have chosen to quilt the squares as I go. This means I cut a piece of backing, a bit bigger say 1/2 inch larger than the 17 inch square. I cut some batting the same size. Then I pin the sandwich together.

This size piece is really easy to quilt on the machine, as you don't have to manipulate the whole quilt around the machine.  I have chosen a simple spiral, starting in the centre. I use the darning foot, with the stitch length turned to 0. I have to change the tension to make the stitches correct. It isn't perfect, but I am getting better.

After this is done, I get two squares, trim the wadding, pin them together, and stitch just through the top layer and the wadding.

On the back I hand stitch the backing together.  Easy peasy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Orange Lemon and Lime Drunkards Path

I know I shouldn't have started another quilt with so many on the go, but I had some beautiful orange and grey fabric and had a Drunkard's Path template that needed to be used. So I thought it wouldn't hurt to make just one square.
I ordered a Curvemaster foot to try make the process easier, and it arrived today.
I put the Curvemaster foot together, along with the special shank to attach to my Bernina 440. What a mess, it puckered everywhere, and did not work at all like the video showed.
Then I looked carefully a the pack. It was for a 5/8" seam, not a 1/4 of an inch. What was I to do, I had already cut out a whole lot of pieces.

Never mind, I found a video link of sewing a curve with my 1/4" foot. I did it just like the video, the trick is to hold the top piece up and line the edges up with the edge of the foot.

I didn't need the Curvemaster at all.

Check out how it looks. The finished block is 18 and1/2 inches wide.
I'm planning on making a big quilt with these blocks so I am experimenting with quilting as I go. I cut a piece of wadding and backing a bit bigger than the block, and quilted in a circle pattern.

I'm not very good at quilting yet. I used the BSR thingy that came with my machine, but I am happy with the results.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cat in the Hat WIP

Thought I would just show you my cat in the hat pram cover that is nearly finished.

Do you like it?

I only had a single fat quarter of the cat in the hat fabric, so I had to stretch it.

The small hexagons are quilted by machine then stitched together later.

I will make a tutorial when I get time, it would be easy to do this as a hand stitched project while you travel to work.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Modern Courthouse Steps Block

I have just finished the Modern Courthouse Steps Baby quilt. It was really fun and easy to make and it used up lots of scraps. I have hung it over my balcony, in the background you may be lucky enough  to see whales blowing! Check out the tutorials page for how to make this!

I think the orange block is my favourite.

The green is pretty funky too.

I like the spotty binding, I think the black sets the colours off.

The quilting was just straight lines about 2 1/2" apart.

I added some scrappy bits at the back to make the backing fabric wider.

Quick Scrappy Card

I'm off to a baby shower today, and forgot to buy a card. Well to be truthful, I object to paying $5 for a card that is massed produced. I will show you the card that I have made.
It took 5 minutes to make and complements the quilt that I have made for the baby nicely. You could even match the fabrics from the quilts on the card.
The original cut out butterflies card blanks I bought at Spotlight. They were about $4 for a pack.
It was so simple to make. I think the stripy fabric works well.

You can see how I have put the fabric on the back, just with a piece of sticky tape. I lined up the stripes with the butterflies.
Finished card! Now off to the shower! I will save giving Baby X the quilt until it is born.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Finish it Friday

It is now Monday and I still haven't finished the Bento Box quilt, it is starting to wear me down. Why do quilts do this to you, at the start you are full of ideas and energy and can't wait to get started. Near the end, you can see it all coming together and you work hard to see the final quilt complete. But the middle, this is the hardest part, it seems just endless. I find that I start to calculate how long each block takes, and then I work out how many extra blocks I need, it starts to get depressing then.

The other problem is that I get ideas for the next quilt coming into my mind, so I want to get started on that....I have to be strong, I have to finish this one first.

Actually it is not too hard, only 6 more bento box blocks, and then a double border. Yay!

***Update, this quilt is now ready to be quilted. I am going to find someone to do this for me.