Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Orange Lemon and Lime Drunkards Path

I know I shouldn't have started another quilt with so many on the go, but I had some beautiful orange and grey fabric and had a Drunkard's Path template that needed to be used. So I thought it wouldn't hurt to make just one square.
I ordered a Curvemaster foot to try make the process easier, and it arrived today.
I put the Curvemaster foot together, along with the special shank to attach to my Bernina 440. What a mess, it puckered everywhere, and did not work at all like the video showed.
Then I looked carefully a the pack. It was for a 5/8" seam, not a 1/4 of an inch. What was I to do, I had already cut out a whole lot of pieces.

Never mind, I found a video link of sewing a curve with my 1/4" foot. I did it just like the video, the trick is to hold the top piece up and line the edges up with the edge of the foot.

I didn't need the Curvemaster at all.

Check out how it looks. The finished block is 18 and1/2 inches wide.
I'm planning on making a big quilt with these blocks so I am experimenting with quilting as I go. I cut a piece of wadding and backing a bit bigger than the block, and quilted in a circle pattern.

I'm not very good at quilting yet. I used the BSR thingy that came with my machine, but I am happy with the results.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cat in the Hat WIP

Thought I would just show you my cat in the hat pram cover that is nearly finished.

Do you like it?

I only had a single fat quarter of the cat in the hat fabric, so I had to stretch it.

The small hexagons are quilted by machine then stitched together later.

I will make a tutorial when I get time, it would be easy to do this as a hand stitched project while you travel to work.